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St. Peter Baptist College Foundation celebrates Monthly Convocation last October 13, 2010.  With the theme “Unity and Brotherhood towards Globalization.” The said event started at exactly 7:30 AM by celebrating the Holy Mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Marco Asoro.




Last October 13, 2010, St. Peter Baptist College Foundation conducted the induction ceremonies and acquaintance ball of HSSCC Officers, Homeroom officers and Club Officers. Our very own college dean, Dr. Maria Clara C. Cardano is the speaker. This year’s theme is: Leadership skills “Its Concept and Application to Enhance Multiple Intelligences.”




Last October 14, 2010, the Search for Mr. and Ms. Intrams was held and participated by the following levels namely: Michael Deodoro of 1-Rosal, Hermel Ladia of II-Lily, Mahged Alhagrass of III-Daisy, Augustus Elevado of III-Daisy, John Rey Elevado of III-Magnolia, Peter Cabico of IV-Camia, Josephine Maloles and Gerilyn of I-Rose, Ma. Isabel Benturado of II-Lily, Sheila Villasotto of II-Lirio, Rochelle Magistrado of III-Daisy, Chinevee Roxas of III-Daisy, Angelica Joven of III- Magnolia, Ma. Faye Aliliran of III-Magnolia and Mary Ann Tolentino of IV-Camia.

Before the actual pageant, the candidates had their pictorial last September 19, 2010 at the picturesque grounds of the school waring their summer outfit for the Mr. and Ms. Photogenic award. With their perfect smiles, Mahgad Alhagrass and Gerilyn Macalindong ofbagged the photogenic award.

During the pre-judging competition last October 5, 2010, wherein top 5 finalists were chosen. John Rey Elevado got the highest scor among the male candidates following him was Micharris Sarcia and Augustus Vilanueva, respectively. For the female category, Mary Ann Tolentino got the highest score, next to her was Rochelle Magistrado, Gerilyn Macalingdong, Sheila Joy Velasco and last but not the least, Chinevee Roxas. In the actual competition, Michael Deodoro won the “best in talent” for the male category and Mary Ann Tolentiano , was able to retain her position on top. Finally, during the final competition, she won the “Best in Talent” award for female category.

The opening salvo of the program, was the production number. Peter Cabico and Josephine Maloles won the “Best in Production Number” award.

The next part of was the superhero costumes. The candidates looked stunning with their attires but Captain Barbel, worn by Mahgad Alhagrass and Amithan wornby Josephine Maloles caught the attention of the board of judges that’s why the “Best in Superhero Costume” award was given to them. For the “Best in School Uniform” award wherein the candidates showed how a true Peterian should war their uniform properly. Keen Harris Sarcia and Josephine Maloles were decided to be the true model of Peterians.

The most awaited part is the swimwear attire. All the candidates have beautiful bodies but the “Best in Sweamwear” award was given to Mahged Alhagrass and Gerilyn Macalindong.

For the best in formal attire and best in long gown,  award, Michael Deodoro and Mary Ann Tolentino shoned among others.


After the questions and answer portion, judges had finally decided,

For the male category:

3rd runner Up – John Rey Elevado

2nd Runner Up – Augustus Villanueva

1st Runner Up – Michael Deodoro

Mr. HighSchool – Keen Harris Sarcia

Mr. Intrams – Mahged Alhagrass

As for the female category:

3rd Runner Up – Sheila Villasotto

2nd Runner Up – Chinevee Roxas

1st Runner Up – Josephine Maloles

Ms. HighSchool – Gerilyn Macalindong

Ms. Intrams – Mary Ann Tolentino

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