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SPBA Yesterday, SPBCF Today

A Brief History


SPBCF Founder

The PNR south lane extends from Manila to Bicol. Along this Railroad lane lays the fertile town of Lupi. A town that can be reached only through train and river route. Transportation is rare and people rely on the train trips for transport. A priest who just arrived from the United States of America was appointed Bishop of Nueva Caceres in the parish. Reverend Father Gaudencio O. Balang is a kind and generous man by nature. In his first few months of stay in the parish he was troubled by this situation: The Elementary graduates after graduation stop schooling and get married. Only rich and can afford families can send their children to Sipocot or Naga City for a Secondary Education. As a graduate of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Sto. Tomas – Manila he decided to found school. A school that will help the Elementary graduates continue their Secondary course. In 1964, Rev. Fr. Balang founded St. Peter Baptist Academy, named after the Patron Saint of Lupi, Camarines Sur. February 5, 1964, when the cornerstone of SPBA was laid. Fr. Balang in his untiring effort and financial Capacity built a two-storey building adjacent to the Parish church. The construction was a difficult task. He even sold some of his properties just to finance the constructions. The building had an underground that served as the canteen, library, and laboratory room. The first storey was allocated to the first and second years classes. August 3, 1964, when the school opened for classes. Two days later, the Archbishop of Caceres, Pedro A. Santos, D.D. formally inaugurated the school as the first ever Secondary School in Lupi, Camarines Sur. Father Balang founded a Mission school. As a mission school aims to give quality education to the people. He hired teachers from Naga City as his faculty members and him as the Director-Principal. The Pioneer teachers of the Institution were Mr. Jerly Castroverde, the present School Administrator, from the University of Nueva Caceres as Math teacher and with him, were Mr. Jeremias Lanuza, Ms. Esperanza Polay, who later became Mrs. Poloyapoy and Ms. Rebecca Sañosa, from Ateneo De Naga. In order to keep his faculty members stay intact, Father Balang paid his teachers from his own pocket. Since the tuition fees during that time averages only to Php 10 per month. As a catholic School, praying the Holy Rosary is done every 3:00 PM inside the church.


SPBA Before

This has been a culture observed from its start but now there are some deviations, specially the teaching and learning process. Classes will not start unless students are done with opening and closing prayers. The first batch of students enrolled in the school year 1964-1965 had progress in their level so that the school has to open its third and fourth year levels. In 1967, the government under Government Recognition No. 139 S, 1967 has granted this school. With the fast growing population, the school needs also accelerated. With this concern, Fr. Balang decided to go back to the United States to support the Institution. He left the care of the school to Fr. Doroin, the Parish Priest that time. When Fr. Doroin left the town, Fr. Balang appointed Mr. Jesus V. Loquias to be the Principal (1975-1988). In the United States, the school Founder served as the Chaplain of Delaware Hospital. All the money he received from his endeavors was sent to the institution. Due to rapid growth of school population, a new site was selected for the construction of the new building. The construction was under the direction of Father Balang and the principal Mr. Jesus V. Loquias. When Mr. Loquias left the school, the task was delegated to Mr. Florizel Lorio who was then the OIC Principal. When Mr. Lorio left, Mr. Antonio M. Brina assumed the position as OIC Principal. The construction of the new building was realized through the collective efforts of the founder, Rev. Fr. Gaudencio O. Balang with Mrs. Rosario Castroverde. Also: Mr. Antonio M. Brina, Mrs. Benita B. Brina and Ms. Basilisa A. Balang. In June 1996, the school was transferred to where it is now located, Zone 1, Poblacion, Lupi, Camarines Sur. In 1997, St. Peter Baptist Academy opened courses for college students. The courses offered are Bachelor of Secondary and Elementary with major and specialization in English and Mathematics and One Year Certificate in Drafting Technology. Mrs. Rosario L. Castroverde, a former teacher of Saint Peter Baptist Academy became the College Dean. In the latter part of the 90’s even in his frail age and condition, Fr. Balang kept his zeal for his goals for SPBA. Fr. Balang returned to our maker October 15, 2001 at the age of 87. Many mourned his death. The year 2000-2001 brought a lot of changes to the institution. Mr. Antonio M. Brina, the former OIC Principal was appointed as the new principal for Saint Peter Baptist Academy. Together with Mr. Jerly B. Castroverde as the School Administrator and Mrs. Benita B. Brina as the Financial Administrator and registrar, who is serving in her position since 1980 up to the present time. In April 27, 2001, the school College Department was recognized by CHED under the Government Recognition # 17 & 18 series 2001 with Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics and English and Bachelor of Elementary Education with specialization in Mathematics and English. Dr. Elizer R. Caculitan replaced Mrs. Rosario L. Castroverde as the College Dean. During also this school year, the name St. Peter Baptist Academy was changed to St. Peter Baptist College Foundation. Engr. Medardo B. Castroverde assumed leadership in 2003 as the President together with the Board of Trustees, the Principal and his faculty members. Under the management of the new administration, the Vision-Mission. Philosophy and Goals by its founder were continued. New facilities were added to promote quality teaching and learning process. The fruit of the labors of Father Balang can be seen now through the faculty members who are alumni of this institution. Most education of the people of Lupi was owed to our founder. Without him St. Peter Baptist College Foundation will not be here. The education of this town was born out of a generous act of kindness. Let us not forget his generosity. For 44 years, St. Peter Baptist College Foundation stands firm, to give quality education an sustain the goals of its founder. Let us not forget the pain, sacrifice, time and effort of our founder who has given much attention for this noble cause. As long as this institution stand. As long as Lupinians exist, Rev. Fr. Gaudencio O. Balang’s legacy will live!




We are an instrument of change and development by providing dynamic, relevant and responsive education for lifelong learning.




We are committed in training and facilitating the youth through the pillars of learning for love of God and country by providing quality instructions, transformational leadership, moral values, cultural Heritage, community extension programs and research, and environmental awareness towards his total development in various disciplines for a responsible and productive life in society. Likewise, for the realization of the noblest aspirations of the people and enhances their capabilities to cope with the situations and events as they come.




In all our undertakings, we believe God is guiding and inspiring us to continue the vision-mission and goals of the late Rev. Fr. Gaudencio O. Balang, Ph.D, Our School Founder by providing quality education at a very affordable cost most especially to the developing people of Lupi and its neighborhood by extending the best services guided by our values of Integrity, Loyalty, Resourcefulness, Discipline and teamwork in the pursuit towards excellence.

We are a bastion of democracy and holds out where other elements fail.

Ultimately, we believe that our foremost responsibility and commitment is towards God, Our students, Employees, Alumni, and the Community.




Towards the realization of Our Institution’s Vision and Mission and Philosophy, we dedicate and commit ourselves to:

  • Develop young people not as specialists but as change agent who will bring about modified attitudes and motivations.
  • Provide a broad general education that will assist all individuals to become productive and versatile citizens of Lupi and its neighborhood counting particularly in the Bicol Region and the Philippines as a whole;
  • Train the nation’s manpower in the middle level skills towards proper work attitudes to promote national development;
  • Develop high level of learning’s and professions that will lead and enhance transformational leadership in Education, Industry, Agriculture, Government and other Social Services;
  • Develop in Our people desirable traits in keeping the Filipino and Bicolano cultural values and heritage.
    Build a Citizen rooted in faith of God and Creed toward the development of moral and spiritual values.
    Promote the development of the aesthetic sense its various cultural ramifications such as songs and dances


St. Peter Baptist College Foundation

(SPBCF Hymn)


Come Ye, O people of this town Lupi,

Come All, Ye people from all other lands

Rejoice this day with our Academy

Who welcomes you with smiling heart and bands,

With thoughts sublime and hearts of tender love,

In songs and hymns, In accents of acclaim

Let’s rend the air, lets all to all be loved

Let’s our Academy this way proclaim.


St. Peter Baptist our Academy,

The morning star that came to our Lupi,

When hope and thirst for education High,

Was still beyond dreams of all to be nigh.

St. Peter Baptist our Academy,

The hope and inspiration of Lupi,

Hail to you now and always hail to you!

Here and abroad we’ll be, we’ll your brow!

Indeed, we your first sons and daughters true,

Recall and realized how lovingly

You reared us, nourished our crave to pursue

Some worthy goals of noble men and free.

By: Late Rev. Fr. Gaudencio O. Balang, Ph. D.

School Founder



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